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What is Software and Hardware Integration?

In its basic form, it requires three components:


The physical device or sensor that you want to extract data from.


A program and or firmware that responsible from collecting the data to displaying it.

Communication Protocols

A way to transfer the information between the hardware and an end device—a gateway or the cloud. The most popular communication protocol include USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Zigbee, LoRa, cellular, and LTE-M.

How we can help you

Whether you need software, hardware, or firmware, we can build it for you. We can create mobile, tablet, web- or desktop-based applications that are connected to either a cloud-based solution or to a local database.

The Aritech team will attempt to use off-the-shelf components as much as possible to save on development costs and will integrate existing technologies together to deliver a solution at the best possible price.

But that’s only half the story; to be useful, your system needs a front-end that’s completely user-friendly. That’s why we’ll include elements such as:

  • A custom user interface (UI) dashboard—whether that’s predetermined or customizable for each user—so it’s easy and quick for you and other users to visualize and understand the data retrieved from your sensors.
  • The ability to securely store your data is highest importance to Aritech.
  • We’ve worked with many different industry sectors and companies.

Project Management

Our Process Includes

Requirement Definition – Automation with ROI

Determining an overall roadmap and vision plan for automation and information systems is critical to project approval and design. We will quickly understand the business problem, define requirements, and demonstrate positive ROI.

Automation Due Diligence and Obsolesce Plan

Obsolescence is inevitable and the best way to manage it cost-effectively is to have a plan in place to mitigate the manufacture’s exposure and develop a phased plan across financial periods.

Consulting – Manufacturing Assessment and Analysis

Assess your manufacturing process, and develop a Gap report of your operations with recommendations to address each item to improve overall operational performance.

Automation as a Service – Assessment

Provide single, monthly cost, value-added services for upgrading, maintaining, and improving customer systems and training customers to operate them. It’s designed to help manufacturers maximize value from their automation assets while controlling their support and development cost.

Support Services

Support Services Include


Our team of experts can answer any technical, operational, or best practice questions you have in mind, or troubleshoot any issues you may have with your system.

Flexible Support Schedules

Each company has specific needs, which is why we let you choose when and how often you receive support. We can provide either outsource model support, so we are available to you each and every day, or ongoing support whenever your organization faces a problem.

New Technologies and Updates

Our team will provide your system with the latest updates to ensure your system is running at its best, and support upgrades to newer technologies.