Software and Firmware Development

Aritech’s strength lies in the ability to develop both complete firmware and applications for a wide range of host-based and real-time operating platforms. We offer firmware development both as part of System-on-Chip (SoC) development as well as an independent service for various customers in the industrial, smart devices, and wearables sectors.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Aritech’s development team uses several platforms to develop solutions of various levels of complexity, including applications for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS) and solutions for notebooks and desktop (macOS, Linux, and Windows). From educational systems to the most complex business intelligence applications, we have a team capable of transforming the system requirements into reality.

Embedded Software

The more customized and optimized are the devices for the target project, the greater is the need to develop specialized software for these platforms. IIoT devices also require custom software and hardware as well as engineering to be embedded in the system. These systems require low-level programming skills that only come from extensive experience working with microcontrollers. The team at Aritech has that experience.