We Provide Solutions Across Multiple Industries

Aritech has all the technical expertise you can rely on

Smart Buildings

Aritech has wide range of solutions for smart building management

HVAC Controls and Automation

We offer a state of the art web based platform with graphical user access and control system. We take pride in offering a complete turn key solution including design, deployment, installation, start up, and commissioning.

Lighting Controls and Automation

Our indoor and outdoor lighting system solution offers full control and visibility from our web-based platform for ease of navigation and management.

Security and Access Control

Our access control system extends your smart building system by integrating seamlessly with the HVAC and Lighting Controls application. This system provides the building owner with flexibility and interoperability with other products in their facility.

The access control system supports a wide range of installation sizes, from a few doors to a large installation with hundreds of doors and thousands of users.

Other Building Automation

  • System monitoring
  • Supporting communications between property management and tenants
  • Space and room utilization
  • Scheduling maintenance (e.g. washroom use frequency)
  • Service tickets system
  • Service-to-contractor bid system

Cannabis and Greenhouses

Our Smart Agriculture Solutions Cover

Smart Agriculture

Aritech integrates multiple forms of sensing and control to provide a complete solution to greenhouse and cannabis dark house automation. This includes software dashboards, alarms, and controls for remote access in conjunction with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A complete sensing and control package could include

  • Environmental: Temperature, humidity, pressure, light, CO2, O3, etc.
  • Plants: Root temperature, soil moisture, pH, etc.
  • Reservoir: Water temperature, tank level, pH, dissolved elements, etc.
  • Power: Single-phase, three-phase, kWh analysis, etc.
  • Control: HVAC, lights, valves, shutters, irrigation, nutrients, etc.


AI and Machine Learning

Use Artificial Intelligence to Take Your Production to the Next Level

Our Back-End Analytics

  • Predictive analytics lets you address issues before they become production problems
  • Determine at-a-glance the bottlenecks of your production pipeline
  • Automated data-gathering and report generation saves you time
  • Dashboards and visualizations designed and built for specific mission roles
  • Ongoing improvements using the data generated to feed machine learning algorithms

IIoT and Sensors

Communication Protocols


Zigbee offers a low-power, low data rate, mesh network ideal for an indoor building environment.


LoRa (Low Power, Long Range) is a low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) with effective ranges of kilometers between devices. Much less energy-intensive than GPS or cellular.


Modern cellular networks cover large areas and provides extremely high data rates. Low-power, lower data rate offshoots such as LTE-M (in North America) and NB-IoT (in Europe) may be optimal for IIoT applications.